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In numerology, 7 is the number of the spiritual quest and is usually associated with the seekers, the thinkers, the searchers of life`s truths. People with this number have a higher purpose and will question everything in their life path until they find the right answer. Natural loners and introverts, they dress for practical reasons or strictly for themselves. The entire collection is developed around the concept of solitude and self-reflection and portrays the main character as an explorer and seeker of true love. The garment is conceived to serve in the process of things, rather than after one has achieved its purpose of finding their other half. Dripping in velvet, embellished with quartz crystals or covered with pleats, the ATU Body Couture main character is still looking for love.

VEGA color-block top/dress with bow detail
398 €

SKY MAP oversized puffer jacket
568 €

NEBULA color-block slip dress
486 €

STARSAILOR color-block dress
406 €

VEGA color-block skirt
320 €

COMET sequin slip dress
1054 €

LOVEBOUND.02 overall with ribbons
362 €
102 € SOLD OUT
I want it.

SACRED HEART tulle dress
648 €
224 €

ORBITAL digital printed catsuit with organza bow detail
316 €

VILLAIN layered suit
1054 €

ASTRONOMER cropped turtle neck with gloves
276 €

INVISIBLE silk chiffon dress
292 €

SOUR CHERRY color-block dress
398 €

GAMMA RAY velvet silk dress with incorporated quartz crystals
362 €

GAMMA RAY velvet joggers
204 €

CRYSTAL choker
102 €

BLACK MOON babydoll dress with velvet corset
486 €

280 €

SACRED HEART retro bra
172 €

188 €