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ATU Body Couture`s latest collection spreads its magic under the form of a chant, a visual incantation meant to trigger memories and romanticize them in order to heal a heartbreak.

"A song about her" is something relatable to everyone as we all have a favorite sad song that reminds us of a loved one. And even though the beats and lyrics might be different, the feeling we experience is universal. The structure of the collection is similar to the one of a song; its intro, chorus, bridge and outro can be seen in the subtle changes of silhouettes, color schemes and fabric use. The brand`s surreal trademark remains intact while moving the focus on the chant required for the casting of a spell. The collection ends up being treated like a love song with a magic infused make-over.

QUARTZ blazer with natural quartz beads at bottom hems
811 €

QUARTZ boyfriend shorts
402 €

CHORUS sequin dress with embroidery
992 €

HEART LEAK pleated dress with detachable velvet sleeves
444 €

RED MOON dress with incorporated corset
389 €

COSMIC CHANT corset with natural quartz beads
280 €

TEMPO culottes
370 €

DEMO red biker jumpsuit
236 €

RHYTM trousers
311 €

RHYTHM color-block dress
416 €

91 €

REMASTERED grey trousers with glass beads details
263 €

DEMO white biker jumpsuit
236 €

LYRIC animal print biker jumpsuit
267 €

REMASTERED skirt with glass beads details
305 €

NEW MOON sequin top with ruffles
208 €

LYRIC animal print top with red piping detail
248 €

LYRIC animal print dress
416 €

OUTRO pleated color-block jacket
311 €

OUTRO pleated color-block troursers
255 €

BALLAD two-sided dress
542 €

SPONGE earrings
114 €

SONATA pleated headscarf
101 €

INTRO pleated coat-dress
542 €