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Forever after collection follows the story of the ATU Body Couture woman, this time facing the emotional turmoils of loneliness and the constant development of her fear of never finding love. Through a one-sided perspective, things take a poetic turn and end up glamorizing isolation and the aching desire to be loved. The clothes are a reflection of her personality, therefore becoming utensils in her fight against autophobia. Acting like amulets, each and every piece of clothing has the purpose of helping in the process of finding true love.

'Love powder' wool skirt
300 €

'Magic armour' pleated shirt with attached scarf detail
438 €

'Harpya' shirt-dress with pleated detail
640 €

'Love powder' wool blouse with incorporated corset and embroidery
423 €

'Magic Armour' pleated trousers
278 €

'China doll' dress with asymmetric pleats and color-block insertion
523 €

'Lunar' pleated sequin trenchcoat-dress with detachable hood
958 €

'Nightfall' pleated dress with see-through insertion
528 €

'White Magic' blazer with pleated back-sleeves
423 €

'Lunar' sequin corset with glass crystals
258 €

'Sundown' jacket with pleated details
405 €

'White Magic' pleated trousers
263 €

'Cosmic Vixen' fitted top with color-blocking details
203 €

'Sundown' pleated skirt with red velvet insertion
263 €

'White Magic' corset with gold thread embroidery
315 €

'Cosmic Vixen' leggings with color-blocking details
155 €

'Tigress' animal print ruffle mini-skirt with quartz crystal zipper detail
225 €

'Liquorice' animal printed cat-suit with bow detail
368 €

'Love Amulet' breastplate with embroidery
263 €

'Marsian' cat-suit
368 €

'LRRH' silk-chiffon shirt with attached scarf detail
278 €

'Gemstone' beaded cardigan with belt
528 €

'Moonbeam' pleated trousers
363 €

'After Hours' velvet top with quartz crystal zipper detail
315 €

'Gemstone' beaded trousers
423 €

'Soul Star' hoodie with embroidery and incorporated pocket for gemstones
315 €

'Bittersweet' draped denim skirt with quartz crystal zipper detail
330 €

'Firestarter' oversized denim jacket with quartz crystal zipper detail
513 €