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The SS17 Atu Body Couture collection has a maritime theme that continues the feminist approach used so far, this time shaped in a love story called The Sea and Her Lover. From the merge of different nautical motifs with mythological elements, the profile of a strong character that emanates magic is contoured, shaping the seduction of a far world. The character of the collection carries in itself the irresistible force of the sirens - a symbol of the primordial power that woman exerts on the man.


The female model proposed by this collection embodies a form of beauty that exceeds aesthetic standards imposed by a trend or another, the poetic oddity and individuality being the authentic mark of every woman tempted by this universe. Grace threatened by dissolution, perfection impregnated with the nostalgia of an impossible world to penetrate, and the musicality of an appearance on the border between light and darkness give rise to a true contemporary mermaid. Her energies, impossible to control from the outside, may be the source of the most unlikely existential adventures, but also a dangerous weapon.

Silhouettes derived from sailor suits and color inspired by marine tones build the Atu Body Couture woman, offering her the necessary comfort and the already characteristic versatility. The accessories complement the proposed look by adding a playful and fancy element to the whole silhouette.


Gold clam shell earrings
98 €

Blue Lagoon dress
405 €

Pearl Shell top
278 €

Pearl Hunter trousers
263 €

Captain Coral trousers
265 €

Pearl in shell uni earring
I want it.

Red Pisces skirt
258 €

Admiral Pearl trench coat
745 €

Fisherman`s shirt
300 €

Golden Aquarius skirt
360 €

Gold clam shell earings
98 €

Captain Coral blazer
408 €

Red Coral dress
523 €

Red clam shell earrings
98 €

Velvet Mermaid dress
490 €

Sand Dune jumpsuit
438 €

Clam Shell needle brooch
118 €

Scuba top and skirt
438 €

Sailor Stripe parka jacket
315 €

Sailor Stripe blazer
363 €

Sailor Stripe troursers
208 €